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Natural THC Detox The easiest, and possibly one of the longer methods to do a natural THC detox is the water and cranberry juice method.

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A Natural THC Detox for any person

Natural THC Detox

The easiest, and possibly one of the longer methods to do a natural THC detox is the water and cranberry juice method. This will be the least expensive way to cleanse your body of THC.

To detox your body of THC with water and cranberry juice, you should drink a litre of water every hour. You will be going to the bathroom a lot with this. On the fifth hour of starting, instead of drinking water, drink a litre of cranberry juice. This will flush out your kidneys. You should also begin to do an activity that will cause you to sweat a lot. One way to sweat a lot is to sit in a sauna. Sitting in a sauna to sweat while doing your natural THC detox is the easiest way. Other methods are running and heavy exercise, so if you are not the person who can do heavy exercising...stick to the sauna.

Drink the cranberry juice every 5 hours, and do this for four days. You should continue drinking a litre of water for a time length of a week for the natural THC detox.

If you are going to be tested for THC, then you might want to look for a product that will produce results quickly. Some natural THC detox kits can remove the chemical from your body in 7 to 10 days. Other drinks that are suppose to work in a day do not necessarily remove the THC from your body. They just conceal the THC chemical from the test.

If you know exactly what type of test you will be taking, then you do not have to worry about THC in your hair follicles. If you are going to be tested with your hair, then you should worry. THC is embeded in your hair, and has to be removed by special THC shampoo. A natural THC detox is only going to remove the chemical from your blood and body tissues, not your hair follicles. For guys, they can simply cut their hair to the scalp, but for girls who are getting a THC test, this probably is not their first choice.

There are a lot of choices to choose from, but the easier way to see what you need is how fast you need your body detoxed. The best way to remove THC from your body is a natural THC detox.

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